I mentioned yesterday that my sister-in-law is someone I’m always thankful for giving me items that I want but I don’t buy myself because I have this principle that I have with me since I was a kid that as as long as I have what I need and it’s still working, then I don’t need a new one. When I first arrived in Bahrain, I didn’t have much things to use and one of those are a pair of boots since I came to Bahrain during winter time. I modeled the boots in my old blog. Let me show it to you.


I’m not a fashionable person and I don’t like make up that much. My face is sensitive to cosmetics but I have no choice but to wear it at work. So going back to the boots, I am thankful for my sister-in-law’s gifts and this recent hand-me-down boots is one of my favorites.

wpid-dsc_3332.jpg wpid-dsc_3335.jpg

Since our Staff Party is on Sunday and I requested my pending PH on that day, I’ll be wearing this. 😉 I actually tried it on last night to check how it looks like on me two years later Ha Ha Ha. Well, I don’t have a tripod yet and the photos were blurred but I guess it’ll look good on me.

_DSC0861 _DSC0858 _DSC0851 _DSC0850

I will post clear photos soon if it looks good on me. 🙂wpid-wp-1421703810331.jpeg


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