Feeling Naked

I woke up late this morning because of oversleeping. Can you blame me? It’s bed weather! It’s 10 degrees C outside. I felt so lazy to get up from bed. I feel like my bed doesn’t want to let me go everytime. And because I was late, I also forgot to wear my watch. I only realized that I wasn’t wearing my watch when I was in our locker already.

Do you know that feeling when you’re used to wearing a jewelry and it feels like it’s a part of you already?; that yoj can’t go on with your day completely because you yourself feels incomplete.

Anyways, it stopped raining this morning but the wind is still blowing like there’s no tomorrow. It’s 7 degrees C this afternoon! Even though I stand under the sun, I still feel cold. Thanks to the wind.

I’m currently having my tea right now in bed and blogging from my phone.

I took this photo earlier before I went for a hot bath and I’m loving my hair lately.


It goes with the flow of my hair when it’s down or pulled up. I don’t know what’s happening. Hormones? Ha ha.

But this is how it looks like when it’s down.


I took this photo before I left the locker.

I am so loving my hair! But I still forgot to wear my watch to day 😥

Anyways, tomorrow I’ll make sure to not forget it. The wind still is whistling so loud outside…

Goodnight sweet readers!



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