Bloggin Lovin at Work – Quiet Friday

For some apparent reason, there is a lot of fun blogging at work not until your supervisor and manager sees you. But what can I do? My supervisor and my manager hasn’t passed by even once in this precious desk of mine at the lobby. It’s a Friday but it’s not that busy at all. Usually, my phone is ringing every minute to ask for a table for 2 or 5, so yes, I’m starting to notice things at people I couldn’t notice in the past. I tend to be a people watcher today.Except that I have a computer and a telephone instead of a coffee and a pen and notebook to write my throughts about the people passing by. I feel like I’m a nurse. Ha ha. Wierd. YES. When I was in high school, my mother asked me if I wanted to become a nurse because it was so popular back then in the Philippines to get a degree in Nursing because it pays a high salary. But I ain’t that person who loves being in the hospital. Yes, I love helping people cos I’m so kind , seriously. But not in the hospital. I’m not much of a science person as well when it comes to the parts of the body. And most of all, they all look the same to me… that was when I was in high school. The hair plus the uniform. Only to find out that when I work in the hospitality industry, it’s totally the same! You have to pull your hair back to properly provide excellent [whichever] service to your guests. Unless of course if you’re working in the offices of the hotel.

If you’re working in the Food & Beverage department, it is essential to look neat and clean or else, guests will think that however you look like, it reflects the how you serve and what you serve. I should’ve known this when I was in college. But I couldn’t remember., NOW I can only remember pulling my hair back when I attend my culinary subjects & Personality Development class. Our instructors in our major subjects only require us to pull our hair back, but not specifically put a hairnet. Hairnets are for students attending culinary subjects, food & beverage, catering subjects.

It’s a very quiet Friday today. I wish I took one day of my pending public holidays to clear. Anyways, tomorrow’s my day off so I have to make sure I make a post! I am currently not following my promise to blog every day since I finish as early as 7pm. I tend to be fully occupied with Sims 3 which keeps me busy making houses I can’t bring to real life for 4 hours. Sims 3 is my stress reliever since my significant other’s not here.

I’m trying my best as well to get up from bed as early as 7pm to at least go for a morning walk but still, I am so lazy. I am never really going to be a morning person! But I will still do my best since the weather is getting better, I hope. Last night, the temperature was around 15 degrees C. Me and & my room mate went to nearby mall. It was only about 10 minutes walk from our accommodation. She wanted to buy herself her own boots. Even though winter’s about to end in two months, she still needed to buy a pair of boots to protect herself from cold since she’s starting her morning shifts this week. I wanted to buy a pair for myself as well. But I always have a rule for myself that as long that I still have one pair of the same item and it’s still working, then I won’t buy. I don’t need it. I’d rather spend the money in something else. I’m planning to buy myself a new bag before going back home to the Philippines. I’ll be giving to my mother the bag that I’m currently using to go to work. When I went home last year, she had a thing on it and I promised that I’ll give it to her when I have the money to buy myself a new bag for work.

Speaking of vacation,I have a little bit of a good news as well. I requested for my leave this coming end of March and it’s 20% approved! Still got a few more bosses to approve. I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I’m renewing my contract this end of February so they better let me go. Ha ha. I won’t renew not unless they approve my vacation. Nah, just kidding. I am currently looking for credit card options as well. I wanted only to use it for travelling and paying my bills. I feel like I am coming of age. Ha ha! Nope. Nope. Nope. But I wanted to own one for me to be able to help myself when I travel. I am not a person who loves shopping expensive, designer, branded items. I was born in a family to always make sure to never screw your life just because you’re drowning in debt. So before going deep in to that credit card interest of mine,I had to call my sister-in-law for some sisterly advice about credit cards. I don’t know all about it. All I know is that there’s a specific credit limit and you can only get it depending on the amount of income that you’re receiving. She also told me that my current bank where my salary is being deposited allows people to get credit cards if they have a loan. And more of other loads of conditions she told me. I don’t want to get a loan now! What will I do with the money? Spend it in travelling in Norther Luzon? Ha ha. So, she gave me her and my brother’s agent in getting credit cards in that specific bank. I will call him tomorrow and ask the options that I can take since my salary is, ehem, not as big as my brother’s and sister.

Well, I still got two hours to spare. The phone is not ringing!

I’ll post something maybe later when I get home.

And these are some photos taken by one of my workmates last month when I still had my old uniform as a cashier.

wpid-img-20150114-wa0004.jpg wpid-img-20150114-wa0003.jpg

FYI, I was promoting the NYE Gala Dinner so please bear with the ridiculous photo of mine with the mask. Ha ha!

I will show you soon how I look like with my new uniform! I lost my newly bought office shoes because of refurbishing of our locket 😥 I am a hopeless lady who forgot to put her shoes inside her locker before the refurbishing.



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