Change in Routine

I have been relaxing at work today. Calls are not queuing and I get to deliver my spiel on the phone with a smile every time. I was able to go home early as well because I went to work at 9am. I had the time to run this morning which actually made me feel better. I mentioned in my post that I was sick yesterday and felt renewed this morning. I just felt like I needed to run to jump-start my year right. The day ended though with a sad face. I had a few puffs but I didn’t finish my cigarette. I felt a little frustrated and found myself working out again when I got to my room. I worked out for 30 minutes and grabbed some bread at the cold store. I don’t eat that much rice any more not unless I have a load of work to do in the day that I need those carbohydrates in my system. I have learned to control my appetite in such a way that I don’t starve myself as well. I’m trying to stop smoking as well. Little by little, one packet of cigarette is enough for two weeks for me. I can’t imagine I’ll be looking at this day that my body wants to take a shower after eating dinner, have a cup of tea and read a book until I feel sleepy.


Green tea with honey is my new bestfriend. Cocktails & beers are for chill time but I make sure that I only have it once or twice a month. I am proud to say that I can’t drink that much any more. I’d rather sit in my bed, read a book while drinking a cup of tea listening to Stacie Orrico’s songs.

This is what happens when you have a very good schedule and a work that ends at 6pm or 7pm. I was thinking of attending yoga classes once or twice a month but I don’t have the budget right now. I am saving money for my vacation on March. When I get back from vacation, I will make sure that I’ll have time for yoga class and to try my best to run every morning. My schedule’s so good, I can wake up at 6.30 am and go for a jog.

I’m trying my best to not be lazy in waking up in the morning specially that it’s very cold in the morning. I always feel like I’d rather embrace my pillow than go for a jog. But I will do my best to really run again in the morning.

Goodnight WordPress.

🚺| Iya


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