Low Blood

I came to work feeling dizzy and with a severe headache. I was feeling feverish but made sure that I am still able to work and have decided to go to the clinic and wait for the nurse. Well, she took my blood pressure and it’s bad. She said that I’m low blood, I should stop smoking(which causes my dizziness due to lack of oxygen to my brain), I should eat green leafy vegetables (which is not always available at our cafeteria so I need to cook everytime and go to the cold store and check for green leafy vegetables!), and exercise.

I’m trying.




I received a text message from my bank that salary came and I got excited because I’ve been planning to buy some things and pay my bills on time as well but I got stuck in watching Sex and the City. So here I am still trying to figure whether I should do my groceries and send money back home. I just want to go window shopping and see what I can buy but I also wanted to go to the salon. I feel like I don’t have much time and I am currently panicking. It’s 5:15 I’m stuck in my bathroom trying to decide what to do first.

Wish me luck.

Signed Flight

Good morning!

It’s my last Pending public holiday for this month today and I went to HR to check any update about my vacation. I wanted to make sure that I won’t face any problems before and after my vacation from visa & contract renewals to getting clearances of coming back here in Bahrain. I have mentioned in my previous posts that my visa and contract will expire this March. Whew, so it’s been two years since I signed that contract and have decided to stay, live, & work abroad!

I walked with my roommate since she’s doing mid-shift 10am-7pm. And we found Bahrain with fog! Well, it’s not as thick as the fog I see in Baguio back in the Philippines but hey, this only happens once or twice a year in Bahrain. I cannot let this moment pass without taking any photo. Although, it’s a photo of my roommate, we were on a rush so I didn’t bother to ask her to take a photo of me. She was running late already.


If you will notice from a far, it’s foggy but it’s not that thick though.


I arrived at HR 10 minutes before 10 and checked my pending public holidays and vacation. I wanted to make sure it’s approved and voila! One more signature and it’s approved. The HR Admin arrived around 10am and told me that she was looking for me yesterday. Ha ha. I told her that I was clearing my Pending public holidays. She wanted me to review & sign the e-ticket that was proposed by our partner agency. I reviewed it for around 20 minutes and asked a few questions at our Visa clerk with my concern about renewing my residence/working visa and contract a month before it expires due to its registration processing at our embassy. I don’t want to get my OEC back in the Philippines. My brother told me that it’s always better to get it from here since there’ll be no hassle and I won’t spend money that much. Some of the Filipino employees here also assured me that it’s always best to get the Overseas Employee Certificate. OEC serves as a proof that a company is existing and you are really working there. The government thought of this because some of the Filipinos in the past are going abroad without any employers and end up going back home due to the employer’s legality.

wpid-img_20150126_104704.jpg wpid-img_20150126_101028.jpg

I signed it and well.. I just need to wait for the renewal of my contract and visa 😉




Iya’s Going 80% Public

I am currently clearing my Pending Public Holidays. I was off yesterday and 2 days PH! So that’s makes me have more time to eat! Nah.. Guess what? Since I have decided to go public and all, I have created an Instagram and Twitter account. Yes, yes. It’s all against what I said before but I was thinking that this might be a good thing. I had a Twitter account before and it was fun cos I was still in college back then and I used Twitter to get news about weather forecasts etc. I told myself before that I deleted my Instagram and Twitter account before to clear my head of keeping my  social networking sites updated. For an hour, I’ve been trying hard to put the Twitter and Instagram widgets but I encountered a headache trying to figure it out. I don’t have the patience right now and besides, WordPress requires the account to be 100% public to be able to get the data. I don’t like that. My Twitter and Instagram are private accounts that needs approval first of followers and viewers. So I am going to inform you guys, my sweet readers and followers here at WordPress that if you would like to get real-time updates with me while waiting for a blog post, you can follow me at:

IG: @raivergz

Twitter: @raivergz

You might be wondering why it’s raivergz. Well, Rai is a part of my first name and Vergz is a part of my second name.

You can also check my other websites that I created during my teenage years




I am still updating my deviantart accounts sometimes if I am in the mood of uploading. I’m currently doing this process of printing photos first before posting them online or might not post them at all specially those photos taken by Squidee.

I hope that I won’t lost followers due to me going public. I also noticed that I already have 65 followers! Kudos to me! Ha ha. I will make a separate special post for my sweet readers and followers.

Till here. 🙂


Missed Sunsets?

I miss how the sunsets are attracted to me. I remember how much I love to run and rush to the beach before the sun goes down. I was loved sunsets. When I went home for vacation last year, it surprised me that I couldn’t feel anything when I was watching the sunset. It occurred to me that I might have grown away from emotional attachment to it. I used to love it but somehow, I might not..anymore. Why is this happening to me? I remember in 2013 that I cried everytime I see a beautiful sunset because it reminds me of me and my significant other watching it together and how I miss him. Am I starting to not miss him as much as me not missing the sunsets?