Bringing Paperwork Outside Work

I told myself that I’ll never bring home paper works because if I’m in my room, that’s my chance to get away from all the work that I have at work. But my boss told me that it will be easier for me to get things done earlier than have it rushed at the day of the event. For those who had been reading my blog, you might think and question why I should be doing something for an event. I am no events coordinator nor a Banquets supervisor, although, I am the ONLY restaurants reservations agent in the whole hotel handling all the restaurants and the main events being handled by the F&B – Food & Beverage. So whether I like it or not, I am responsible in allocating the guests I spoke to to their desired table specially that this is not just your ordinary celebration.

This is Christmas. wpid-dsc_3590.jpg

For the days and hours passed talking to my guests requesting for this and that for their tables on Christmas day, are these people really that busy or maybe just lazy to cook for themselves on Christmas? I grew up in a home where we never celebrated Christmas outside nor in a hotel. My mother always cooks everything.  But she is the coordinator of our home of course. We’ll be having some guests come over and she’ll make sure that there’s room for them to sit down and celebrate Christmas. During Christmas Eve, we usually dine as a family for Noche Buena, wash the dishes afterwards and watch a movie for the whole family.

My desk rests at the lobby where some guests mistaken me as a Guest Services Agent even though there’s a big silver shining plate on top of my desk that says Restaurant Reservation. I’m kind of getting used to it. I am an Information Desk/Elevator Girl/ Restaurant Reservation. Yes, my desk is near the elevator so whenever you come and visit Bahrain, maybe we might meet. 🙂 But I’m not complaining. I actually love being exposed. It gives me the feeling of having more experience in talking and engaging with the guest.

I just finished some paperwork with regards to the number of tables that we need to set up on  Christmas Eve for the Christmas Day Brunch.

By the way, our F&B coordinator left this on my desk earlier this afternoon.wpid-dsc_3591.jpg

I thought that she only wants me to give it to someone. But when I asked her an hour later, she told me that I can have it. Ha ha ha.

Free mag!



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