Full Day Off

It’s the first time this year that I woke up to a day off that I can actually use all day however my body still kind of insisted earlier to stay in bed and do my normal routine. I checked my Viber, Emails, Fb, Youtube, and WordPress of course!

I officially left my other blog and left a message that I’ll be leaving it. It was a good 4 years and I felt like I really had the need to move away from all the things had made me feel bad and sad. Well I’m not saying that everything that was written and posted there was bad for me. There were a lot of memories there like my first time to move on my own apartment when I landed a job after college, my first trip abroad, my first job abroad, and other cool things that made me feel happier than I was in my teens. Now that I just turned 24, someone might say that maybe 4 years later, I’ll be leaving this blog as well but who knows? I am not the insecure early 20s lady anymore. I have mentioned in my previous posts in this blog that I’ve been kind of lost when I turned 23. I had a lot of emotional breakdowns and instabilities. I didn’t know what to post in my blog and I ended up copying other people’s blogs which I realized was very wrong. I know how people will do anything just to get more views through their tutorials, travels, DIYs, and other stuff. But I am a writer deep inside and loves to accommodate the thoughts in my mind be transformed into words that people like me will understand. I made sure that when I left that blog, I will never go back again and write there. I can read my posts and it will always remind me why I don’t want to go back into writing in that blog again.

Going back to my day off which is today and it’s fixed! A fixed day off, thank you very much! Every Saturday is my day off and it feels great. It feels great to see the sunlight and I just thought now that I should have get up earlier to take a morning walk with Squidee but then again, my laziness ate me! I will make sure that next Saturday, I’ll be making that morning walk. Since I wasn’t able to take that morning walk, I might go on an afternoon walk and post the photos here later. Some of my friends from work has to work today so I have to go on my own! My sister in law is still in bed at 11am! 😦 I was looking forward to take some photos with her but she’s still in bed. Ha ha.

I already did my laundry and cleaned my room last night since I got home at around 830pm. I finished folding my clothes at around 1am and was about to go to bed when my significant other sent a message in Viber and says Good morning. Ha ha.

I’m still planning what to do right now since I don’t want to spend money as well, I’ll just walk around outside after lunch and take some photos and a small video as well to give you an idea of how I sound like 🙂

🚺| Iya


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