Postings on the Wall


I promised that I will show my face on my birthday which was last Tuesday and leave my anonymity in the past. However, I love breaking half of my promises so here I am showing you a photo of mine that shows half of my face with my make up on. Ha ha.

But wait, I was able to convince myself to not brag about the postings on my wall but to show a little bit something about who I am.


Those postings on my wall are some of the achievements I received while I was working as an Outlet Cashier in my previous department. I was 23 when I was able to recieve those and I was in a stage where I wanted to be humble (not that I now want to brag now) and just keep those certificates in my drawer. But when I turned 24, I look back at them and realized that what more is appropriate to post in my wall than the things that Ive worked hard for and was recognized. Every morning, they keep me motivated and work harder. They motivate me to get up and tell myself that I can get through whatever kind of challenges life has to offer.



I’m still planning to print the photographs I took with Squidee when I first got a hold of him and mount it on a canvas. 🙂

I’m currently saving money for my vacation on March in the Philippines so I’m on a tight budget. I’m still looking for a less expensive printing/photo store but with good quality of photos.

Till here.



🚺| Iya


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