Photo Post

Hello WordPress.

I have lots of photos to share. However I have some crazy emotions to share as well. Although I’ve been busy and tired from the royal wedding that I attended a few days ago, I was still happy to relax the following day after two days of working for the royal wedding.

My feet are so tried from the wedding.
I love egg. Therefore, I am an egg-face.
This small Christmas tree that I saw at Dasman caught my eye. It’s just so beautiful.

Test shots with the new eye of Squidee.

_DSC0662 _DSC0663 _DSC0664 _DSC0645 _DSC0644 _DSC0642 _DSC0668 _DSC0669 _DSC0676 _DSC0679 _DSC0680 _DSC0681 _DSC0686 _DSC0689 _DSC0695 _DSC0698



_DSC0704 _DSC0705


I was at our company bus while taking photos.

🚺| Iya


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