Busy me.

Oh! I’ve been busy lately. As I have mentioned before, I moved to another department and I am currently within a 7-day Familiarization and Training and damn I have a lot of things to learn and to do. A lot of reservations are pending to be confirmed, emails to be sent, and transactions to process. It’s the holidays and I would like to share in my blog that even though I’m living in a Muslim country. They aren’t strict here in celebrating Christmas. Hotels such as our property even held a Christmas Tree lighting event and it was packed with children and families. We have a lot of events lined up before Christmas and yes, I am the one responsible and making sure that our events in the Food and Beverage will result to an excellent revenue. My first day of training was hectic due to the fact that a lot of guests are calling, my phone is non stop ringing for confirming and to make reservations not only in our restaurants but for the events lined up. I have to make emails and at the same time answer the phone. I still don’t have my log in ID so it’s quite challenging handling a messed up reservation system made by the different hostesses of the restaurants plus we have an upcoming event in the palace which I can’t explain much in detail because of confidentiality reasons. All I’m going to say is that I was able to participate as well last year for my overtime and it was truly exhausting. We had to work for two days from 3pm-7am the next day. This happens once every year and I guess, I’ll be up to the challenge of doing it again. Even though I was exhausted last year from it, I am proud to say that I survived it and happy that I can include it in my CV in the future.

I have a lot of things to do tomorrow morning so I will be coming to work at 9. My work starts at 10 am – 7pm but for me to be able to accomplish the things I left today because of the practice we had to do at the palace, I will come early.

And by the way, I have seen that I already have 50 followers!

πŸ™‚ Thank you ladies and gentleman! πŸ™‚

I will go to sleep now and gain some strength for tomorrow!

🚺| Iya



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