I am currently at our Recreation Area, a place for employees to spend some time. There are bookshelves, a television, two pool tables, two pong tables, an internet room, and a gym. I have decided to pass by and use my benefit as an employee to enjoy such facilities and write down my feelings as I have surrendered all my cashiering items. I felt a little happy and sad while I was removing the cash float from the safe box and closing the door of the vault. there was something nostalgic that I felt like I will never be able to do the same thing again (unless I apply as a cashier again). I forced myself a little smile as I walked away from the vault and walked my way to our office. As I entered, I was expecting to see my first boss who was promoted few months ago. But I only knew earlier that he was on vacation for weeks to take his exams in his long distance learning back at his home country. He was my first foreign boss and he is the best. I wanted to say thanks to him for believing in me when I just entered this property and have helped me in a lot of ways. He has a harsh side but have always made the best decisions for his employees. I am not saying that my current supervisor is not doing the best decisions for us,  but he did it a lot better or maybe, I am biased. I don’t know. But I will always be thankful to him and by the time I finish this post, I will send him a message in Viber to thank him for everything. Nobody except our Day Auditor in the office bid me goodbye and goodluck in my transfer. I guess the others didn’t exactly knew what to say because I’m not that close to them anymore. I walked out the office and went to the General Cashier to surrender my cash float and she congratulated me. She was very happy for me that she even gave me a big hug! She’s the sweetest in the department. I know that she’s very happy because she knows what kind of hardships I’ve been experiencing every now and then in the cashiering job. I also gave the coins I have from my coin bank so that I could buy the lens of Squidee today or tomorrow.

So how do I feel? Transferring.

Honestly, since last night, I’ve had mixed emotions.

I felt nervous, happy, and sad as well.


I was nervous because of excitement as well because this will be a new challenge and a new learning. Everything is new. Unlike in cashiering, we need to balance the money and make sure that we drop the correct amount without shorts and overs, in the Restaurant Reservations, I need to make sure that we achieve the target for each outlet so that we could not only meet the target but exceed it.


I am happy that finally, I won’t have to worry about how many hours of sleep I’ll have to sacrifice so that I could be at work at the proper time. I won’t have to face double shifts, only overtime in case of special events. Happy that I will get to talk to the guests which is what I love. I love talking and I feel like my strong conversational skills will help me more do my best in this job. It’s going to be a fresh start. I need to learn the types of wines, menus, number of seating, restaurant design, special offers, compute packages, table setting and a lot of other things to know when it comes to the F&B outlets.


I will be honest that when I had my last look at the cashier cabin, I felt like I’ll never get to sit in this chair again and enjoy those moments in the bar when it’s not busy and I can browse my phone and do whatever the hell I want.

Anyways, I am in total excitement. 🙂

I can’t wait to face and learn whatever awaits me in the office of the Restaurant Reservations. Wish me luck! Or not, because whenever I experience being lucky today, I might not be lucky tomorrow. But no worries, we all need balance in our lives.

Sometimes, we need to be happy. But should strive to be happy again when sadness  and hardships come.. and accept full happiness.

🚺| Iya


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