Hopeful Last Day

I don’t want to be that kind of girl again who’s walking the same path with girls who post photos about food, selfies, and outfit of the day. Because let’s face it, for me, Instagram is a place where people just brag and feel like a celebrity because of their posts. I’m not saying it’s bad. Because it’s a way of expressing one’s self. But I don’t like those people who borrows money just so that they could upload those things they bought and food they ate. Just so that they could get a lot of likes and that’ll boost their self-esteem which is totally wrong in my perspective.

I used to have a Twitter account and was even stupid to create an Instagram account. I used my Twitter when I graduated from college for real time news updates while I was working. Since I’m away from home and my province is always getting hit by typhoons, I had to stay updated since my mother is living with only two dogs. I had to make sure she’s doing fine. I had 56 followers,some are high school friends, college buddies, and workmates. I have decided to delete my Twitter account years later together with my Tumblr account because I felt like I have to be interesting for someone to get to like me and of course, follow me. I didn’t want to be like these girls who will do anything, anything, to get more followers just like celebrities. And since I still have a Blogger blog to update, I have decided to just keep the blogger and Facebook account since it’s what I have always needed. Having accounts in other social media websites are giving me a headache on updating it, remembering passwords, and deal with fake people.

But my kid side kicked in a few months ago that I created an Instagram account so that I could be on with the hype. But Instagtam failed me. It was boring for me. And there I was, I found myself deleting it for good reasons.

So before anyone could judge me on my post today, please understand that I you are reading/following me for my posts (writing and anything that I want to show in this online diary that I have).

As I have mentioned earlier in my posts, I will be moving to a new department and hoping that my current department will grant me 2 pending Public Holidays that I have to clear for Saturday and Sunday because I’ll be starting on my new department on Monday. I needed to get things done, like adjust my body clock, do my groceries, and buy the new lens of Squidee.

Last night my brother asked me for breakfast date but insisted to move it to a lunch date because I finished working this morning at around 3 and waking up at 8 or 7 will pretty much ruin the date because of me not getting enough sleep.

It was their treat so I have one rule, if it’s for free and it’s good, always say yes to your family members!

On my way to pick up my brother and sister-in-law, I had to go through a series of heavy traffic, traffic lights that are not working, and flood. The drainage system of Bahrain is not that strong unlike in the Philippines, their drainage system is not built to control this typof heavy rains (Although in the Philippines, floods are still a major problem due to clogged drainage system).

Here are some photos I took on my way to my free late lunch!



We went to American Alley in Juffair where there are a lot international restaurants to choose from.



And yes, I saw my dream car. Mini

They have chosen to dine at Nando’s, a restaursnt I’ve never heard of but I guess they’ve tried before. I trust them when it comes to taste buds so..





Just to inform you, my forehead is my greatest asset.

After eating, we went to Starbucks for coffee and tea. We stayed there chilling and watching cars pass by. There is something great sitting with family every once in a while specially that we’re living abroad.

I arrived in my room around 4 and laid in my bed before preparing for work at 6pm. I just laid in my bed still hopeful that they will grant my request for my pending PH for Staurday and Sunday.

I’ll keep this blog posted if they will grant it.



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