Lucky and Unlucky


For months, I’ve tried my best to get my hands on this book even before it got its reputation all over Facebook. I am no writer (just a passionate person who loves to write what she feels) and this book somehow sums up my dream of compiling all my poems and short stories since high school! I was able to save some poems I’ve written since I was in second year high school and when I went for vacation, a close friend of mine from high school collaborated with me and we have decided to produce a compilation of my writings for ten years, 2003-2013 and his illustrations. He just hasn’t been updating me about the illustrations he’ll be making since he’s busy at work and can’t talk that much online because he’s living back in the Philippines and I’m here in the ME. I just wanted to share with WordPress that I was able to buy this book finally today. Salary came early and luckily for me, this was the last piece in that bookstore that I always go to, to check the price of books that I want to buy. Ha! Luck.. thanks for giving me this chance and I started reading this today, I’m already in the 23rd page! I could read this all day but I can’t today since I’ll be working tomorrow on a double shift. Yes folks, I hope that this will be my last double shift since I’ll be starting on my new department on Monday. I asked my department to give me my 2 pending Public Holidays for Saturday and Sunday so that I could give myself some time to adjust my sleeping habit. I’ve been working night shifts for almost two years I have to try to shift my body clock to 10am-7pm duty!

I hope everybody’s having a good day.

Because I am not… but because of this book, my bad mood changed to a happy one. The water heater still hasn’t been fixed. I already reported it to our Housing Department and they said that they will fix it tomorrow afternoon. My work starts at noon so yes, I will need to experience taking a cold bath again. Today, I also counted all of my money in my coin bank and it was a total of BD65 WHOA! I will only have to add BD35 to finally buy Squidee’s new lens. 🙂

Sincerely, Iya


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