Cold Bath

I’ve been taking a bath for two days with cold water. Why? Because the freaking electricity keeps on turning off. I don’t know if it has something to do with the changing weather and the strong winds for a week. I am no expert about that but they mentioned before that during extreme weather like sandstorms cause the fire alarm to ring waking up and disturbing everybody in the building. Bahrain’s weather had been getting better since the cold months are approaching. Do you know how hard it is to take a bath with cold water? It was alright the first day because I felt pretty nostalgic. Why? Because taking a bath in cold water is normal for me back in college specially if my classes start at 730am. I could remember waking up at 7 (because my alarm went off) and didn’t have enough time to use the water heater and with a class of 730am at the 5th floor of the main building of our campus. Some of you might be thinking about the weather in the Philippines and that it is not that cold. Well, let me educate you about a place in Northern Philippines called Baguio City that is located in the mountains. I studied there in college and temperatures stay cold all year. However, from June – September (rainy season) and October – February, temperatures drop to 8 degrees C.

I am thankful for some problems in our accommodation for reminding me how much I miss Baguio City and my university. But for the third day! Please! Let the water heater work!

I went to our Housing Department to report what happened and right now, they are actually in the bathroom fixing whatever problem they find because our toilet bowl is leaking as well! 😦

I hope they get it fixed before 430pm because I need to be at work at 6!


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