Last Day Sale at Payless

Today somehow ended to be a productive day. Only a few days are left before I permanently leave my current department and today was the departmental meeting for the month of November. One of the most helpful and closest cashier to my heart and I respect as a father is Babu. Last night, he told me that I have to attend my last meeting. HA HA HA. I told him that I don’t need to. I just want to rest the whole day in case that they will give me a PH – pending Public Holiday. And voila, they informed that I was PH today only at 630pm! Yay! I was thinking of starting my laundry at around 3pm but I didn’t thinking that I might be assigned at 6pm duty.

Thank you very much my oh so lovely department. (Sarcastic tone)

Well, WordPress, what can I share?

While I was waiting for the schedule, I took some photos and did some cleaning to Squidee.



I also took a selfie for you guys (WordPress peeps and followers)


Hello WordPress and followers! Thank you for taking time to subscribe to my crazy posts about my emotional instabilities, real world rants about being a young adult, and to my bathroom! And yes, I still don’t want to show my face cos I want to stay anonymous…not for so long though. I was thinking that by the time I get my new lens, you’ll see the whole side of me. Although I know that what you’re reading through my posts, you’re already seeing the deeper side of who I am 🙂 And I thank you personally for taking time to get to know me even through WordPress. I can’t say that I have officially left my older blog in Blogger but I’ll be making my last post in that blog a few weeks from now maybe.  I’m still having some emotional and hormonal disorders to deal with. I’m turning 24 by the way in a few weeks and I’m feeling……honestly, nothing. You might have read about my previous outburst about celebrating birthday abroad.

Going back to when they informed me that it was my PH today, my roommate asked me a favor to buy a specific shoes for her cousin who is living in the back at home in the Philippines. Payless was on sale and it was their last day for an everything BD 5 offer! Too bad for me, I don’t have money even BD 5 to buy because I used it all up on sending money back at home, groceries, pigging out on Japanese and Filipino food and saving around BD 50 for Squidee’s new lens.



These were the shoes my roommate wanted me to buy and she even asked me if I wanted a pair for myself too because she knows how much I love shoes and I don’t have extra money for the sale. I asked her if she can lend me BD 5 and I’ll pay it at the end of the month when salary will come and she did! HA HA HA.  So I bought a pair for me too and here it is.



After buying the shoes, I walked around the mall and checked prices of 35mm 1.8G in different stores to compare. I ended up looking and checking binoculars because significant other has been annoyingly requesting for one when I go home and sent him a photo of this.


I informed him the specs and price as well. It’s too expensive for me so hopefully we can pay 50/50 🙂 I’m no big earner.

And when I came home, I gathered all my shoes and fixed them into place. I was shocked to see how much shoes I have that I barely use. I only use my red rubber shoes, black converse (22nd birthday gift from significant other), and brown wedge.


I cleaned my boots as well to get it ready for the coming cold months in the ME.

That’s it for today.


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