New eyes for Squidee

Yes, my camera has a name. My significant other named it for some reason that it sounds cute and like a baby..yes,my camera is my baby.

For months, I have been reading reviews between 35mm 1.8g and 50mm 1.8g. I am no professional photographer and my DSLR was given to me as a graduation gift from college since I told my brother when I graduated from high school that I am interested in photography. But you know, I was 16 and there are a lot of other interesting things to discover in college. My brother gave me a digicam in 2008 as a birthday gift. I was disappointed (because I wanted a DSLR) but I was still grateful because with the digicam that I have, I still took amazing photos. I had a mindset before that whatever camera you hold, as long as you know how to take great photographs and you see things in a lot of angles, a photo will look amazing and breathtaking. I wasn’t mistaken cos the photos I uploaded on my deviantart account came out beautifully. I was confident that when I get my hands on a DSLR, I know that I’m going to feel happier. I even created a new deviantart account specifically for the shots taken by my D5000. When I started working and being in my bed resting seemed more interesting, I stopped taking photos. I was always the cheerful person full of energy and says something like “Let’s take a photo here! Come on!” Right now, as I have been having a lot of rough situations to deal with in myself, I have lost interest in taking photos and I felt like the photos I took for the past month are not worth posting since they consist mostly of a darker angle of how I see things in the Middle East. For weeks, my DSLR is just inside my closet,untouched. I turn it on during my day off but find myself saddened by the fact that the people and places I want to take photo of is not around. I better get a hold of myself together before I damage the camera. I have been saving for two months now to buy her a new lens which is either 35mm or 50mm. They come in the same price, I’ve read a hundred reviews online, asked one of my brother’s close friends his thoughts on what to choose since he’s professional photographer, and have finally decided..for 35mm 1.8g. Whew. So this coming salary, I will open my coin bank and finally buy the lens. Maybe through this lens, I’ll see the Middle East in a different angle and my eyes will see it with a unique perspective.

I just hope that my new job by December won’t interfere.


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