According to my supervisor, it’s up to him to decide how to be fair within the team. How can someone be fair when you start doing shitty (excuse the expression) schedules. It’s not fair that you’re putting the same person in the same outlet and schedule, not to mention, it is opening to closing shift, Noon-3am.

Hi WordPress, thank you for absorbing my emotional distress everytime I face difficulties in my job that is not supposed to be happening when good management occurs.

I like my company. I just don’t like how supervisors and managers they hire become biased and unfair.. Like last week, as I have mentioned in my previous post, I was sick last Friday handling two revenue centers Restaurant and Bar and there was an event in the restaurant.

He said that he asked me if I wanted to go home? No. It was a statement. That’s why I waited for the other person to come for closing shift but what happened? He gave the person a day off.

Note: the other person is one of his people.. Same race as he is.

All I was asking this week was to not put me in the same outlet this coming Friday. I can do a double shift in our other outlet but not there. I told him that he’s being unfair.

I was angry. I am still angry.

What made me more angry is the way he said it.


Grammar please!  Wouldn’t you be more pissed off?


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