Ordinary Movie Date

I don’t how to start how exhausted I was yesterday. It was very busy. I hated it.

I started this post with sharing how tired I was yesterday but have decided to change it, I don’t want to be caught one day by my company complaining about their way of management despite my anonymity. I need this job, or at least until I transfer which reminds me that my training starts tomorrow and the manager who directly hired me is still not replying what time I need to report tomorrow. Although the job itself starts at 10 am. My current department had given me my pending Public Holiday today and my off tomorrow so it sucks. I was thinking and hoping that the manager who hired me would move the start of my training on Monday due to my current department’s inability to coordinate with my training. They also continued to send me on a double duty (Opening to Closing) yesterday even though I had fever. Thank you very much. So instead of talking about the bullshit I went through yesterday, I’ll talk about how I had to reduce my stress level 999 today. Even though I still have a slight fever, I went out in the evening to meet my brother and sister in law to watch a movie. It was their treat so I had to say yes! Nobody says no on something free! Nah.. Just kidding. I mean, we only get to see each other like once or twice a week so this was one of those.

The previous days, we were deciding whether to watch Interstellar or Big Hero 6 but then me and my brother voted for Big Hero 6. I told them that at the end of the month (when salary will come) it will be my treat.. for Interstellar.

I just wanted to share with you my kind followers how we spend our time together in a not so Asian world.

When we arrived at the mall, we have decided to buy our tickets first so that we would get to choose our seats. Unlike in the Philippines, the cinemas here have numbers on their seats and you get to choose the available seats according to your viewing preference. Good for us when we went to the ticket booth, all of the seats were available for 8:45pm show. But then.. I feel like bad luck really follows me around! When we just finished choosing our seats and paid, the guy at the counter clicked at his screen the seats so he could print the tickets when the lights went off. Not all the lights in the mall, only those at the counter area. I knew something wrong will happen next but I was still patient to see what happens next. The lights came on again and the computer restarted. The problem is… he doesn’t know if it was confirmed, our seats (although he clicked it already). The next problem is that the tickets didn’t print. We were waiting for about 30 minutes for the system to be okay again and I knew my sister in law was getting impatient because we still plan to roam around the mall and eat dinner before the show. I am the most patient you’ll ever meet but if I’m surrounded by people who are impatient, I sometimes get to absorb their feelings so instead of getting mad at the guy (because I don’t want to stress myself out again, I was there to relax and put my mind at ease), I was checking my phone and find out a few functions I never thought I have in my camera application. This made me realize that I was really a lazy ass in discovering the amazing features of my phone. Then, I asked my brother to take a photo of me.

Because I still don't want to show my face. Here's a photo of me holding a movie guide booklet I found at the ticket booth.
Because I still don’t want to show my face. Here’s a photo of me holding a movie guide booklet I found at the ticket booth.

And I took a few more photos…

DSC_3191 DSC_3192

When my sister in law had grown impatient while the guys at the counter booth are trying to get hands on again at the system, my brother suggested for us to choose a restaurant where we will eat which is just outside the cinema. There was a food court equipped with like 8 different fast food restaurants. We have chosen to eat the kind of Asian related food outlet. The Yum Yum Tree. They have Pad Thai, different types of teriyaki to choose from, and salads. But after choosing the food, we went back to the ticket booth and see that the problem hasn’t still been solved so the guy took my sister in law’s number and promised to call her if our tickets went through the process or not so that we could book again for our tickets. We have decided to go for our dinner first. But before we could walk to the food chain, I asked my brother to take one more photo of me. Yes, so vain of me.

DSC_3193After taking this photo we went to eat and here are some more snapshots I took.






We were about to finish our unsatisfactory food, thanks to Yum Yum tree ( I don’t want to talk about that either because it would only ruin my supposed to be stress free day), the guy from the ticket booth called and told us that the system is back and our tickets are ready.

After eating, we still had a an hour to wait so we walked around the mall and checked out some stores.

While roaming around the mall.. I found this really puzzling.

I don't know how to describe it. But you judge. :)
I don’t know how to describe it. But you judge. 🙂


DSC_3208 DSC_3210 DSC_3211 DSC_3212

Big Hero 6 is a good movie. Money was worth it and I truly enjoyed!


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