Unnecessary Cleaning

Washed money
Washed money

I know that I’m a young adult with some adult dealing problems but this is one of those funny moments of growing up. When I saw this, I remember my mother who always tells me to always check the pockets of my clothes before washing them. Well, I was in a rush because I was thinking of using all three of the washing machines in the laundry room. In our accommodation provided by the company, there is one laundry room per floor with three washing machines and two heavy duty dryers and thanks to my former boss, he placed me in a room where just in front of my door is the laundry room while the kitchen is just beside my door which is pretty amazing! So today is my day off, and in the ME day off literally means laundry day and cleaning day due to the fact that it is only given once a week. Unlike in the Philippines, we are given Saturday and Sundays. Although some companies within the region offer two days off, in the hotel where I work, we’re only offered one day off a week. Imagine fitting all the things you need to get done in one day! I was laughing at myself when I removed my clothes from the washing machine after the spin and moved them to the dryer when I saw this precious BD 1 lying at the bottom. I immediately sent a photo message to my significant other in the Philippines and was laughing at me. I told him that when he starts to live on his own, he’ll understand.

It looks funny but in my young adult side, a thought something like this pops out

“Ok Iya, next time you should check all of the pockets of your clothes. Lucky for you, it wasn’t torn. Make sure next time that rushing things isn’t a good idea. This is BD 1, it can buy you food for the next five days. What if the money was torn? Then you’re probably messing up your well started day off.”

Yes, so young adult of me.


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