Why follow?

For some reason, 30 people on WordPress started following my blog not to mention some popular writers as to what their blog claim to be. But professional writers,bloggers, or whoever they are, I want to thank them.

Yes, 30 followers.  I am talking to you.

Thank you for taking the time to click on that button and follow me. I don’t really know why what interests you in following my daily encounters. Maybe because of my anonymity? Or because of my content which is pure thoughts on my encounters. Or maybe they see themselves when they were just starting in WordPress. I don’t know. But whatever your reason is for following me, I hope it’s not because you want me to follow back. I don’t like it when people tend to think that just because someone started following you, you are obligated to follow back even though you don’t like the content of their page. You follow back because you give them back the favor of them following you. I am not like that. 🙂

To all my 30 followers, thank you for having the interest to read bits of who I am.


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