Love for Music: Journey of Music

Music is one of the most important things I need to get into my system before starting my day. Who doesn’t? I grew up in a family where music both what puts me into sleep and which makes me wake up joyfully in the morning. Not that I’m a musician but I’m someone who can sing at least. My father loves rock music, my mother loves to sing, and my brother is a professional guitar player. He started playing the guitar when he was 11 I think and right now, he’s using such talent to perform in a 5* bar in the region. When I was young, my mother discovered my excessive love for music and decided to enroll me for piano lessons but as a kid, I was reasoning that Saturdays and Sundays were rest days from school then I’ll study again. It was lame and childish really. Only when I entered in college that I realized I should have said yes or my mother should have been very strict and forced me to do it. But my mother wasn’t like that and since I also reasoned out on her the fact that I can sing and read music is enough. She started enrolling me to voice lessons, entering church choirs, join the drum and lyre, and eventually end up in the official city choir of our government when I was 12.

Being born in a family where rock music is played every morning and watching my brother practice with his band at a young age of 4 made rock and roll my first love of music. I was only 5 or 6 I think when I started listening to Metallica and Dream Theater. It was great listening to them and sit next to my father and brother every weekend and watch with them other rock band concerts. But it was way better hearing them in real life. Since my brother had a band in high school, I use to watch them, play with their instruments specially the drums and often get scolded by my mother but always loved by my brother. He told me that getting my interests on music and instruments is better than be obsessed in the future in vices such as alcohol and drugs which are most of the time associated with such.

I can’t get to sleep without music. When I still didn’t have my own ipod back in elementary, I would let the radio play until I wake up and when I entered high school, I always argue with my brother who should play first on the computer since I have grown away from Metallica and Dream Theater and started loving songs from other rock bands (sometimes rock pop alternative bands). When my brother left our home country and I entered the university, my father bought me my own laptop for my school related documents and I have tried my very best to save all of my mp3s from our old PC to my laptop and since then, I have a large storage of mp3s with genres from rock to pop. When I entered college, Paramore became more popular, a band in my age who loved it since 2005. They were more of a pop rock band but the lyrics of their songs back was what really made me love them. But anyways, going back to music, because of my love for music, I have tried my best to save all my mp3 files from my first laptop in college and transfer them to my current laptop. I just feel great knowing that the songs that I loved since I was a kid are still kept within my reach and whenever I listen to songs of Metallica and Dream Theater, I feel like I’ll always be that younger sister who’ll fall asleep with their songs.. Not to mention falling asleep to the sound of an electric guitar played by my brother everyday.

Recently, I tried to learn the piano again since my brother have their own piano at their flat but since my schedule at work and their schedule doesn’t match and they have to use the piano as well with their errands at church, I stopped. But I must say that I’ll challenge myself in learning the piano..again.

Music is what keeps me asleep peacefully.

Music is what keeps me alive to start my day.

It is my soul’s breakfast and dinner.


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