Why remain anonymous?

Some of you who take time to read my everyday encounters might be asking why I haven’t shown any photo of my face yet. Although, a week ago, I was crazy enough to include my Blogspot blog in my pages list. And I know, someone might have visited it and browsed how I lived since 2010 when I created that blog. I was 20.

Why the hell did I do that? A day later, I removed it from the list. There is comfort in being anonymous. You don’t need to worry about trolls and people who will insult you. But as some of the readers have seen, I have mentioned my nationality and my home country. I am slowly starting to embrace that people who read my blog will soon appreciate photos that I’ll be posting in the future. I really wanted to delete that Blogger blog but I can’t. There’s no option. Anyways, I have thought about it also and decided to leave it that way. There were a lot memories kept there. Emotional writings to be exact.. Poems, shoet stories, and a mix of hateful and joyful memories of my life from 2010-present. 

Seriously, I am crazy.

I told myself from the moment I created this blog that I’ll remain anonymous. But it was hard for me to remain anonymous because I can’t describe things in detail unless I mention little things about me that I want the readers to feel when they are reading my posts.

I am often tempted.

But I wanted people to visit my blog because of my writings and I am hopeful that reading my posts will keep them entertained. I am not aiming to gain more followers and views, my aim that people will appreciate, be inspired, and entertained when they read glimpses of who I am. That even though, you don’t see my face, you’ll know what kind of mind and heart I have.


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