Thank you, 25 followers.

Today marks my third week in posting my daily (personal) encounters  in the Middle East and couldn’t thank the followers enough just by merely be interested in my daily word vomits, as I have loved to label it that way.

Thank you.

I have never have this much followers in the years that passed of blogging. I had a blog in friendster back in highschool and that was in 2004! I have tried my best to keep the blog alive until I was in college only to end up watching it get deleted because Friendster was slowly losing its popularity on Facebook. I wasn’t able to save my oh so creative personal writings from 2004-2010. So I have created my blogspot blog which features both personal and everyday anything worth posting. Actually, it was an escape from the real world where I post my rants and emotional distress. And from that, I have become insecure of other bloggers who got so popular and had a lot of views. It was only until in early 2012 that I realized that having a lot of views looks awesome and I have filled myself with ideas and tried to copy other blog’s way of posting like food and travel. But I realized this year that I did more damage to myself and my well being. I eventually had to think of being selfish and I want to go to this place and that just so that I could have something to post in my blog. I am no make up expert so doing make up related posts is ridiculous as well.

But I didn’t lose my hope in blogging and writing.

Lately, I have been having a lot of thinking when it comes to everything and life in general. I question myself why I deleted my Tumblr,  Twitter, and Instagram. I didn’t want to be always online browsing things that doesn’t benefit me. I wanted to get something in the internet that must benefit my heart, mind, and soul. I was feeling lost lately as well because of this whole abroad thing. And since all of my friends on Facebook know about my blogger blog, I have decided to initially stop posting there.. And here I am, embracing the comfort of WordPress with my anonymity. I wanted a space where nobody knows me personally but knows how I think and feel. I even used a part of my name that is not know by many of my acquaintances both in the Philippines and at work. Only a few people know my nickname as Iya. And by now, these 25 followers that I have gained somehow find my daily encounters interesting.

Again, thank you.

I wonder sometimes that it’s only a matter of time before I get tempted to post a photo of myself next to my posts but..

I’m not ready yet and I guess.. So are the followers.

Thank you so much to the 25 followers and for the other bloggers who liked my posts..

Sincerely, Iya


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