Work Transfer

I just hate it when people start asking me questions like:

Why are you moving in that position?
Follow up sentence: You have such a good salary in your job right now.

Don’t you know that there’s no growth in that position?
Follow up sentence: You cannot grow, all you do is talk to customers on the phone all day and do restaurant reservations. THAT’S ALL.

I’m tired of explaining to the people who are asking such questions to me. Why did I even bother answering and explaining? I knoe that they might be trying to be nice and worried that I might be moving to something that they think is not beneficial in my life but I know these kind of people. They are the people who pretend to care but really, they just want to put me down more and try to work their money comes first psychology.

I am turning 24 next month and so far, for the past four years of my life living the real world made me realize that happiness in everyday, contentment, and balance between life and work is important. Without these, well for me, makes me feel miserable. I don’t like waking up the next morning feeling like I don’t want to get out of bed because I’m forced to wake up in less than 8 hours of sleep only to do 16 hours of work. Some people doesn’t seem to understand that money is not all that matters.

Or maybe I’m just unlucky when it comes to jobs? Having been working in the operations for more than two years, I now understand my instructors in college who worked in the service industry for 5 years and more. I salute and praise them now for their passion in patience and dedication for working in the industry for more  than the years I’ve worked for. I now understand why Ma’am Janiola, my first adviser in college told our class that time management is a skill that we have to earn while working in the industry. I was 16 and didn’t fully comprehend what she was telling us. But 8 years later, I understand. It is but a great challenge and importance to balance spending time at work, family,friends, significant other, and most importantly, yourself.

For now, I am filled with joy and excitement to learn more about my upcoming position and couldn’t wait to contribute something more than just sitting down recieving money and giving change to guests.

By the way, I recieved my transfer letter the other day. Wish me luck! πŸ™‚



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