Long Distance Viber Calls

A few days ago, I posted my frustration on my Facebook account and my bestfriend told me that we need to catch up soon. She lives back at home but we don’t let the distance come between us after all the breakups that we’ve been through for 12 years. Yes, she’s been my bestfriend since I was 12. And I feel like she’s my soulmate as well. Because whatever fights we’ve been through in the past, we’ll always find a way to be with each other again.

This morning, while I was on a Skype Video Call with my mother, father, and our dog (who by the way licks the screen according to my mom whenever I call his name), my bestfriend called me and told me her frustration about her niece, her mom, and her sister. I knew her family for 12 years so I exactly know what could have affected or triggered the problems she’s currently experiencing and it feels great that even though she’s 5 time zones away from me, she still thinks of me and tell me her frustration like what a true bestfriend would do. And making my job as the bestfriend who always listens and gives solutions and suggestions based on her statements about the problem. But this time,problem specially with her niece is what I think is connected to history. I knew her family specially her older sister who happens to be the mother of her niece. She was only a few years older than us so we see study in the same school and knew her good and bad encounters. We have supported her through good and bad and she did the same for us.

As we were talking on the phone, even though I am currently being attacked by dysmenorrhea since last night, there’s something in her voice that will always keep me alive and keep me smiling even though we’re talking about our young adult frustrations.

I guess that’s it. I miss her so much and I can’t wait to see her again when I go back home and spend more time with her.


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