Happiness: Not Allowed

Was I born unlucky? Or am I made to be not be 100% happy? Because I feel like everytime I try to feel free and happy,something bad happens next and I know a lot of people suffer from this as well but mine’s the worst. It’s the fastest reaction. For example, I was so happy and confident right now then after a few minutes, something upsetting will follow. So sometimes, I feel like I shouldn’t even expect or to look forward for my day to be better even though I say, “Bring it on life! Start the day with positivity! Good vibes!” Does anybody understand what I’m going through? Or maybe I’m so sensitive that I feel like I’m still a child locked inside a young adult’s body trying to challenge life but I just can’t still absorb and address the challenges like a young adult should be. I still cry everytime I get upset and I can’t help it. It’s so natural with me and it’s becoming a problem That I can’t endure. Being abroad makes it worse. I don’t have my friends here. I am not strong without them, that’s how I feel. My significant other’s not here as well. I ain’t got nobody to embrace after an upsetting day at work.

I guess all I can do for now is to try to be strong.. Try and try.. Until my heart becomes stronger to endure the hurt that life offers everyday.


One thought on “Happiness: Not Allowed

  1. Mam raiza, Pag ako sobrang saya ngayon ung niiyak ka na sa sobrang tawa ang gngwa ko knock on wood then pray..para mipasa lng or para makontra lng..
    Galing m hehe..i almost read ur blog..hehe i know ur fav food music etc..ur ups and down..rakista ka rn..ngchu2k ka rn pla..hehe.. Pero more on boots..hehe
    Winston b yosi m o marlboro?try m ung Bohem cafe orange..organic made in korea sa 7eleven lng nbibili, P70..o bigyan kita minsan..hehe


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