Time Management

Yesterday was my day off and usually, while cleaning my room and doing the laundry, I’m also blogging to clear my head but recently I’ve lost the interest to post anything in ny Blogger blog. I really don’t know why but knowing that everybody that I know personally in the Philippines know about that blog, I’m starting to have the feeling (again) to be disconnected for a while. I have decided to make this more personal and straightforward.

So yesterday, I wasn’t able to blog because I was in a rush to finish doing my laundry and room cleaning early. Why? Because me and my roommate planned to go to the mall and do our little shopping cos we heard that there were a lot of sale and what we heard didn’t fail us. I was able to buy two new blouses, a pair of pants,lotion and perfume from Victoria’s Secret, and spend only BD 20 for my groceries. We also bought some colorful boards to design our windows to stop the light from coming in to our room.

And after a tiring three hours canvassing for clothes and shoes, 30 minutes dinner, 30 minutes buying the chosen best priced items, 30 minutes groceries, we loved to end the night with a glass of red wine to help us sleep through the night. Plus a good movie to have a few healthy laughs before going to sleep.




We also bought this wonderfully matched slippers for BD 2.5/pair


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