Overheard: Genes of Beauty

I have decided to send money to my parents today, go the salon for a mani-pedi (cos it’s been three months since I last visited the salon), bought 2 wine glasses at Dasman for BD 1 and 5 pcs of hangers, and give myself a little cheating spree on my diet. After sending money to both my parent’s and my bank account in the Philippines, I wanted to go to Dasman which is just two blocks away from Nafex (it’s like Western Union, just.. Cheaper on the services). But I hesitated cos the next thing that I don’t want to do is to buy things I don’t really need since I’m on a tight budget. Then suddenly, my stomach start to growl and I knew that I had to find food and just my luck, Shaflout, a Filipino restaurant, is three stalls away from Dasman. I went inside and ordered Sisig with rice. While I was dining, I didn’t mean to hear what the people were talking about inside the restaurant. But their overly loud voices are pretty irritating and since Shaflout only has like 2 tables with 6 seats each, the place is really small and whatever the other person is talking about on the other table, I can totally hear it even though they’re whispering. I was just listening until I heard something that I haven’t heard in a long time. Maybe because I don’t go to places where Filipinos are abundant like of course, a freaking Filipino restaurant. And this is one of my reasons why I don’t like hanging out in places where Filipinos are a majority. I’m not saying that I don’t like my own people, I’m just saying that I don’t like the way they talk about their children and well, other people, this way.

So this is what I heard
“Yung panganay kong babae, may boyfriend na walang trabaho. Pareho silang walang trabaho. Maayos na sana eh, pero Sabi ko sa anak ko ‘Hindi ka na nga mabibigyan ng magandang buhay hindi pa mabigyan ng magandang lahi’ Ayon, sila parin hanggang ngayon

Translation: My first child has a boyfriend who doesn’t work. Both of them doesn’t have work. I told my daughter that it’ll be okay but then I told her ‘He will not able to give you a good future and at the same time he will not give you a beautiful offspring’ Now, they’re still together.

Okay…what’s wrong in this situation.

Everything he just said is so wrong.

We all know, yes, parents don’t want their children end up being unstable and not be able to feed themselves at least three times a day. But come on! With the beauty topic.. I don’t think it’s reasonable. Maybe this doesn’t only happen in Filipino homes but all over the world. But I’m just sick and tired hearing such topics about a parent throwing rants at their children that their significant other will only bring bad physical attributes which is in their own perspective.

I wanted to say something to them but I wasn’t in the right position to tell them to leave their children’s choices alone. I know that these types of parents only want what’s best for them but they should be sensitive enough to not hurt the feelings of other people specially telling your own child that you don’t like his/her significant other just because your own perspective of ugly is based on the physical.

Right after paying my meal, I left the restaurant trying to not ruin my good mood thinking about people who exist and think of other people that way.


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