Your invoice is DUE.

I feel very lucky for being able to live abroad without worrying about paying other bills such as water and electricity. Thanks to my company,they provide us the accommodation with complete facilities such as a kitchen with electric burners and ovens, laundry room with three washing machine and two dryers (but shared by the whole floor), and a  recreation area where there is a gym, two pool tables, two ping-pong tables,a wide living room surrounded by bookshelves.

So since all of that are provided by the company, what I only worry every end of the month is my postpaid plan with my provider and most of the time, I exceed my mobile data and poof! Phone bill costs more than $100. Hahaha yes, I watch YouTube too much.


AND TODAY, I already received a message from my provider reminding me to pay it before the 28th. Reading it right after waking up (yes I’m still in bed and blogging from my phone) makes me feel lazier to get up but I have to. Ugh. I don’t have time tomorrow because I’m double shift so.. Gotta get up now cos work starts at 6pm.


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