Deteriorating friendship

It was my sister-in-law’s birthday two days ago and our surprise for her pretty much reminds me of my surprise 18th birthday,led by my boyfriend(ex now) and closest friends in college.

Why do we make white lies and do surprises for people who mean a lot to us? Not knowing that years later, we wouldn’t even be seeing each other on their birthdays. But does it mean that. The friendshio doesn’t feel the same anymore? I find it depressing how growing apart can cause so much sadness and pain when it comes to friendship.

Remember one friend and reminisce. Look at the both of you now.

Do you talk like before?


What happened?

Our interests changed, I must admit that I have done some bad things too that might have changed the way we treat each other but that doesn’t mean that you’ll never talk to the person again. Or maybe she’s just meeting me just so that she could brag more?


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