Act of Kindness

I just had it. Last night was the time I told myself that I want to go back home that instant. I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know why some people just can’t return the favor of being kind to you. I don’t know how they were raised by their parents. It just hurts or maybe I’m just really so sensitive. Well maybe that’s because my parents told me to be sensitive enough to not hurt other people’s feelings and always be kind to people specially to people who are helping you to achieve the goals that you need to accomplish. I don’t want to consider hearing and understanding that it is their culture. Because what kind of culture teaches you to be rude and unkind? Maybe there are countries that tolerate such but if you’re living in a first world country and the majority gives kindness and respect, then you better fit in, you have to change. Living overseas is really hard specially if you have to deal with attitudes of people who doesn’t seem to know what kindness and respect is all about growing up.


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