34th birthday

Today’s my sister-in-law’s birthday and I’m currently at their flat. I bought a chocolate cake for her from one of our outlets in the hotel which is very proud of its outstanding products when it comes to pastry. A few days ago, I was thinking whether I should get her the Tiramisu, Carrot, or chocolate until I decided to finally just ask her instead of guessing and getting the wrong cake that she doesn’t like. So I ordered a small chocolate cake two days ago, filled out the form and gave it to the manager of the pastry & coffee shop. I can say that I feel lucky for working in a five star property that can provide its employees 50% discounts in F&B outlets. We just have to present our fully signed discount forms before dining. So instead of buying the cake outside, I’d rather patronize our company’s product with a discount without endangering the quality of it.


Last year, I bought my brother the same cake, except that it was the medium sized cake. And since I knew already that not everybody can finish that size of cake, this year, for my sist
er-in-law, I’ll give her the small sized so that everybody can finish it the same time.

Last year, I think it was kept in the fridge for a week.




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