Living the Day Off in the Real World

There are days when you decide to just lay in bed all day, not talk to anybody (except for your room mate because you don’t want to be rude of not answering any room related questions),watch a movie, not do the laundry, or simply not move away from bed. I have those days, I know everybody has one of those days but for a lazy person like me, I have it everyday and worse, before and during my period.

But day offs are the best. And when I say the best, it’s supposed to be something rewarding for both of your physical and emotional state of being. Hmm. Ever since I started to enter the real world, I always have this dilemma of having a job that’s giving a well deserved day off. I don’t know why but it’s what I look forward to next to my salary. (Laughs) I know it sounds a little bit materialistic, but yes, maybe I am materialistic and this is reality. Rest and money. Two things that both give smile to my face.

I love my home country for being able to give a two days off every week. But in the middle east, my company only provides 1 day off and sometimes, I’m stuck deciding whether to do my laundry & clean my room or go out with friends (do I have friends? Here, in the middle east? I don’t think so Iya so better stop daydreaming). Yes, I don’t have friends and when I say friends, it should be mutual and deep. Being friends at this age is quite challenging specially if you’re living overseas. So going to that 1 day off. Having no deep connections gives me that clear vision and feeling that I have social responsibility to anybody. I feel lucky and privileged. To spend the whole day for myself. Most people say it’s boring but as I grew older and get to know how most people interact, judge, socialize, and meet, I somehow feel that being with myself is better than be a hypocrite trying to agree in everything other people is saying. It’s peaceful and for me, I won’t have to deal with the problems that other people commit. I only have to worry about my own problems. But sometimes, we can’t help it, it’s human nature. At some point, we need guidance, advises, meaningful conversations, and the company of others. But what I’m saying is making new friends after the teen years is really hard for me. I treasure my friends in high school and college. They are the best And as I have pointed out earlier when I say the best, they are the group of people who are rewarding & surrounding myself with their physical and emotional support wholeheartedly.

So today is my day off. Last night, I made sure that my phone’s mobile data, wifi, and alarm are off. But then again, somehow, my body wakes up its own and with or without alarm, I’ll stay wake up to the same time that I’m supposed to wake up every damn working day. Yes, it sucks but somehow helpful as well. I live in the company accommodation and lucky me, my room is just in front of the laundry room and the door beside it is the kitchen. Haha. I must say thank you to my boss for making me live in such beautiful spot. However, it’s not only my room that’s using the three washing machines and two (absolutely loved) dryers. It’s the whole floor! Haha So it’s a challenge as well to wake up early and make sure that nobody is using it and today is one of my lucky days off cos I can use all of it! Haha.

As of now, I’m just waiting for all of my clothes to dry. And while I’m waiting for that, I’m cooking food for me and my room mate. The usual setting is Ma Ling and fried eggs.

I have a new friend. I guess I can call her that cos she brings out the happiness in me whenever I’m with her. Maybe because we’re both of same age. We’ll be going to the ladies night of a known lounge in the area. But I’m feeling lazy now so we might not. PLUS. She didn’t call me. So.. We’ll see. Happy day off to me!

Yes, I’m so lazy even on a day off.


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