Messy Room

Hello WordPress!

I would just like to share how messy my room is. Living outside my home country taught me a lot of things. At times, I love my room to be just like that, messy. But then again, most of the time, I feel irritated specially if my room mate’s bed looks far much better with those perfectly folded sheets so after waking up, I totally compare her bed to mine and I know that it shouldn’t be that way but I have learned to be like that. Sometimes, it’s voluntary and I myself was surprised that my body just kind of do it.








We recently bought this clothes stand where we can hang clothes that we want to wear again since winter is coming, jackets need to be hanged somewhere as well. This is the kind of room the company provides, pretty good eh? They even provide the curtains which we accidentally damaged a few days back because of putting it in the washer wrong. So at noon, the light comes in quickly and the walls are white so damn! We sometimes wake up at 8 in the morning because of it. But me and my room mate decided to buy a new curtain in the future or maybe put something like an illustration board on the window so the light won’t come in and we can have better sleep in the future! The television’s from the company as well (I think) because if I remember it right, my old room mate told me that she bought it and when she was promoted to a higher position hence changing her room eligibility to a single room, she had to take all her things. But she left the television for me haha! Good for me though she said but I don’t watch that much. I don’t like the channels unless there’s National Geographic Channel and MTV. Sucks though, they don’t. And I don’t want to install cable, that’s going to be another expense on my part! Haha.



My side table trying to be clean and fixed. But trust me, during busy days specially if we’re high occupancy, dang.. waking up and going to bed is literally waking up and going to bed. 

What I mean about that is that I only have time to put my necklace, my watch wherever on the side table. haha.


That’s it. Welcome to my Middle East Hotel company provided room accommodation!



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