Looking back on interests

I never become nervous during job interviews but I do get nervous before it’ll start. Maybe because I’ve always been confident that I can converse properly and that I have proud experiences to be proud of about myself and my job experiences. Just like last year, I had the most memorable moment in my life that I later on had to let go. You see, I have always envisioned myself as a Flight Attendant. I think I was four or five when I told my father that I’ll be a Flight Attendant someday and make my own mark and footstep in every continent existing in the planet. It was the rush of excitement looking at the magazines my father brings home from Saudi Arabia.

My father worked in KSA for 19 years so whenever he comes home once a year, he brings the Ahlan Wasalan magazine and shows me photos of the desert and in between the pages are photographs of beautifully dressed women who are flight attendants. I don’t know why but until I turned 16, before graduating from high school, I was confused if I still wanted to become a flight attendant. I had a big interest ing asian literature and archaeology back in high school. I told myself that if one day, I get to travel within Asia, I will visit temples in Japan and write about them. But I wasn’t able to pass the exam in the university that offers both of those topics. There was another that offers Asian Studies and Literature but my parents couldn’t afford letting me study in the capital so I had to make a certain choice.

IT. Information Technology.
I had a thing for programming, I was even involved in APEC before graduating high school. There was a competition for web designing and I was up to the challenge. Maybe because my brother was a graduate of IT and having a lot of resources made me learn basic programming,photo editing, and flash movie making at the age of 13. I told my brother that IT was one of my choices as well but I was stopped when he told me that it involves a lot of logic and mathematical subjects that I can never fully appreciate.

And then my mother told me to think properly because they don’t want me to be wasting my father’s hard work just because I couldn’t decide. But I was just 16, how would I know? And the  discussions went on.. Until I realized about my childhood dream of becoming a flight attendant. It is the goal… So I told my family that I’ll take up Tourism and I’ll become a flight attendant. They agreed and I finished it in the time period that it should be. A bachelor’s degree for four years. But as I grew old, I started to get to know myself better and it led me to the path of different interests in college. I discovered flairbartending which involved throwing bottles in the air while mixing a drink. I have learned that I also don’t love makeup. I like it, I like the way it looks like on my face but constantly wearing it is my problem and I realized that being a flight attendant requires a lot of things to do before even passing to become a flight attendant. I AM A LAZY person. So I don’t like doing a lot of things before going to work. Horribly speaking, there even came a point in my college years when I wanted to shift courses. I was thinking of taking Mass Communication but then again, I don’t want to disappoint my parents and think that I just wasted two years taking up subjects that I didn’t need. So I had to go on and it led me to competing in flairbartending competitions. I told myself that if I don’t win at least 1 provincial competition, I’ll quit and just teach in the future.. so it happened. I never won at least a runner up and I, yes, call me a quitter. But I know better myself when to stop my fight.


Then I had a boyfriend. (My boyfriend until now)

I started to focus on him and having fun before I graduate. I even cancelled taking up my last on the job trainee at our international airport in the capital city of my country. As I look back, I ask myself if I should’ve regretted it or now. No. Because I spent so much time having fun and being with friends. I know that I wouldn’t have the same fun and experiences in the future with them because of our job options and places that we need to be. So I don’t regret it.

I applied..

So I had four job interviews for the past 4 years since I graduated. But in between those four are a few more interviews during my OJTs in college, Masterals applications, and other jobs not related to my field but I wanted to take because of the high salary.

So what now?

I just want to be happy despite of my mixed interests.


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