Yearly Room Check

Good afternoon from the Middle East!

I woke up to the sound of my room mate and other people’s voices which reminds me that today was the room check. You see, I’m working for a 5* star hotel which has its employee’s accommodation that’s a 5 minute walk so technically, they also own this property, yes, this building, this room that I’m living in. I don’t know if it’s the same for all GCC countries but it’s a common practice of employers here where I live to provide the accommodation and food as well. So, yeah that makes me independent although not worrying for rent and other shitty water and electricity bills! But I have to suffer (well not all the time) and share my room with a fellow employee that sometimes my freedom is halved. But it’s alright we get along well. She’s Asian as well and speaks the same language as I am! So.. it’s totally fine.

The company conducts a yearly check on all the rooms and make sure that we maintain it as much as we love not to be given and written Warning Letter from the HR!

It’s 1441 right now..

I didn’t realize how lying in bed ate up my one and a half hour but yes, I love my bed (thanks to my company for providing such lovely and soft bed!) Blogging from my phone right now and I guess I need to get up cos I’m really hungry…

Yes, thank you. 😛


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