Prince Charming

I’ve been having a lot of shitty thinking in my head and sometimes my over thinking leads me to arguing and questioning myself about the decisions Ive made recently. Ive been in a long distance relationship for a year and 10 mos now but even before that, we’ve been together since 2010.

I always fantasize about him coming here to the middle east,knocks on my door and surprising me with a bouquet of flowers and propose. Since we’ve been together for four years, I kind of expect it or maybe because some of my friends are either getting engaged or married and I keep on battling with other Iyas inside my head that I shouldn’t cos I’m still in my early 20s and we’re still not financially ready. But what really bothers me is what if he’ll ask me one day in the future and I’m the one who’s not ready?

I kind of blame what I see on the television for this.. And in the movies.

The directors somehow find a way for the lead actor to travel across the world and surprises her. But nah, it’s only in the movies.

My reality will never be like those in the movies.


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