Source of Survival

I want to call it source of survival than a job. I guess it’s mainly because the money I earn from working is going to bills that needs to be paid such as post-paid line that I totally need for work and for Skype-ing with my loved ones back at home, groceries that contains only 25% food because the rest goes to toiletries,laundry relared materials, and for my parent’s survival as well back at home. It was only this year that I have decided to start sending money and saving as well.

I told myself that I’ll enjoy the first year of being abroad enjoying my money and lose it to..FOOD! I have come to love Japanese food and it costs me a lot because I eat like a pig haha kidding! But yeah I do.

I work as a Cashier in a 5* star property in the middle east but I’m trying to move to another department because working a cashier is a little hectic……. Double shifts (Opening-closing of the reastaurant) eat my life outside work.


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