A Comfort Zone like no other.

I’m not quite sure why I have created yet another blog for me to worry about but I guess this will be more of a very personal blog for me since it says The Diary of Iya. This will become a place where I can voice out the things I experience and learn everyday outside of my comfort zone and by what I mean comfort zone, my home country. Yes.

The Name: Iya
First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Iya (name I have chosen that my friends,family, and workmates doesn’t know I use). I use to have another blog that includes Iya as my name but I have deleted it. It was in LiveJournal. That was the time when I was still in college and experiencing and discussing on the blog my post break up experiences. It was a bit dark and sad so when I found myself a kind of happiness I cannot find in other places I’ve been to, I had to let it go although some posts there such as short stories and poems were saved in my laptop. Oh God, such a long explanation for the name. Haha.

Outside My Comfort Zone: Middle East
Yes folks. I currently live in the Middle East and trying to live independently while sending money to parents back at home and where is home? ASIA! Yes, I am asian so.. Ehem.. Going back..
although my brother and my sister in law lives here as well, we only see each other every two weeks I guess because of my hectic schedule at work. Yes! I am a very important person. Naah just kidding.

Why did I create this blog? FREEDOM.
I have a blogger blog I don’t want my relatives, family, and friends know about my recent encounters specially that I’m currently experiencing a relationship-keeping problems. To friendship or being a lover. I’m not expecting views or readers and I don’t care if my friends knew about this. I wanted to disconnect from almost everybody that I know. By that, I won’t have worries just like my own comfort zone..


2 thoughts on “A Comfort Zone like no other.

  1. I just wrote a post about comfort zone and came across your blog. Man, I bet you’re really having an experience in the middle east. I hope it’s going well. And if not, you’ll look back and not regret it.
    If I may ask, why are you in the Middle East?

    Sometimes disconnecting from everything and everybody you know is best for you. I’ve been there. I think we all have.

    Again, hope all is going well over there!


    1. Whoaa. Hello there! Didn’t expect that someone would immediately comment or read my blog since I just created it yesterday. Haha.

      Well.. My brother and my sister in law lives here which gave me a better entry when it comes to work. So I thought that it’s going to be better but man.. Ugh. I’m in the hospitality industry (operations) and they’re working in the office so most of the time, our schedules doesn’t match making me meet them once every two weeks.

      Thank you for taking time to read my post 🙂


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