To The Next Man I’ll Love

It must be hard out there

Not knowing that I’m here

I wish I could find you now anywhere

Not to rush but I need you near
I want to know you and the things that make you laugh

I wish to share your pain and make you cheerful

I’ll sing you a song when things get rough 

I’ll embrace you without hesitation and keep you joyful 
It is also hard for me right now

Not knowing who you are

However, I’ll be waiting for you

I know you’re out there
Still waiting for our stars to cross their paths..

1/365 : Summer Rain

I know that this is 5 months late since it’s already May but I believe that it’s never too late to do something as long as you’re still willing to do it so.. I will try to do this since my laptop’s charger is not yet working. I’ll try my very best to post a photo encounter a day and today, this is my encounter. 

It was sunny when I left the house in the morning but before lunch, I could sense that it would rain all day since fog is thick inside the camp and it was cloudy too. It started to rain at lunch and it didn’t stop until now that I finished doing my laundry. I arrived home earlier around 8pm sick of feeling the cold and wet on my feet because my doll shoes was damaged! 😩 




Recently Loved Music

If there is one thing that I would choose as a career, it would be to create words for music and sing too. However, I couldn’t play a single musical instrument perfectly because I was very lazy when I was younger. But now that I’m older and wanted to learn, I had to pay for it and find time for it. So I express this by searching and listening to music that makes me feel relaxed and serene. Since I couldn’t use my laptop to download a copy of these songs that I recently had been addicted to, I turn to YouTube and listen to them all the time.. on replay. 

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